The Little Nyonya Cuisine

20140624_124701The Little Nyonya Cuisine, White House, White Coffee does really live up to its name. Located in the ground floor in Gurney Plaza, allong with other restaurants, The Little Nyonya Cafe serves authentic nyonya food that will definitely water our taste buds. Ranging from all kinds of Nyonya food such as Sambal Petai, Sambal Kangkung, Nyonya Nasi Lemak and mant more.Despite being a nyonya themed cafe, they also serve western cuisine that can be seen in a normal western food restaurant. The Sambal Petai Rice and Sambal Kankung is a must definite try.It is simply delicious..Their other dish is the Nyonya Chicken Curry Rice. The curry is well done and their potatoes are cooked just right.Their prices are also affordable ranging from RM9.90 per dish..So go on..The Little Nyonya Cafe a will definitely be worth it.

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