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Penang Youth Park

552807_378856875497647_240988409284495_1098091_826983035_nFormerly known as Youth Park or Taman Belia and now also known as Taman Pembandaran Pulau Pinang, Penang youth Park is the an important recreational centre for all Penangites. Used by almost all of the Penang population, The youth park offers space for all ages to exercise, play, skate, swim and most importantly have fun.The Municipal Park was born from quarry land and was created in the early 70’s, to provide a recreational area for youths.This area can get quite crowded during the weekends.

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Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is a popular seafront promenade in Georgetown, northeast of Penang. From the promenade, one could have a view of the Butterworth, over at the mainland. Nice time to visit Gurney Drive is during the afternoon and evening when it is more windy. Morning jog at the promenade would be great as you’ll be rewarded with a scene of beautiful sunrise. Taking a leisurely walk at late evening and at night will give you sense of satisfaction as you could see beautiful lightings lighting up the promenade and not to be missed the wide variety of tasty Penang hawker food at the Medan Selera food court or head over to the seafood restaurants located nearby. Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon shopping mall is just located along the promenade, so shopping and chilling out shall be in your itinerary as well. Tired or planning to stay over the nite at Gurney Drive, there are several hotels which you could check in namely G Hotel, Evergreen Laurel and Gurney Hotel.

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Scenic Penang Hill

Your trip to Penang isn’t complete without going up to the highest point of Penang, the Penang Hill. A ride up via the furnicular train is an experience by itself as the coach slowly inclined up the hill while you enjoy the flora and fauna and the coolness when it gets higher and higher. Watch out for the nasty monkeys and be mesmerised by the beauty of the butterflies and wild flowers growing by the side. Once at the top, you will be welcomed by an unforgettable panoramic view of Penang Island.

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Penang National Park

Head over to the northwest of Penang Island, you will be amazed by the flora and fauna that awaits you at the Penang National Park. In the Park itself, there are several spots that attract visitors young and old; Pantai Keracut, Monkey Beach, Mukah Head, Teluk Tukun, Teluk Kampi, Pantai Mas, Canopy walk accessible via two major trails. The park spanning 1,213 hectare of land was declared as Penang National park in April 2003. Enjoy hiking the hill / lowland dipterocarp forests, Mangrove Forest areas, stroll along the sandy beaches, mesmerized by the unique seasonal meromictic lake and the open coastal seas.