Street art & wall painting around George Town enclave

New attraction was made lately in the inner George Town with various attractive wall paintings and street art, thanks to the effort and creativity of a Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic and few other artists. These art have made the cracked pale looking wall of those pre-war building into a professional drawing canvas and attracted many onlookers and tourists. Among them are “Little Girl in Blue” Mural at Muntri Street, “Little Children on a Bicycle” Mural at Armenian Street, “Boy on a Bike” Mural at Ah Quee Street, “Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur” Mural at Ah Quee Street, “Reaching Up” Mural at Cannon Street, “Bruce Lee in action”, “Cat and mouse”, “Uncle Auntie having a good laugh”, “Children playing basketball”, “Children on a swing”, “Chinese opera performer” and more.  Newly added attraction was the Despicable Me minion character painted on a bollard at a lane off Armenian street.

To see more of street art and wall paintings, check out the following map below.


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