George Town Festival 2015


George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Inaugurated in 2010 in honour of George Town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the festival transforms the city into a global stage, showcasing world-class performances, installations and collaborations from international and local artists alike. With over one hundred intriguing events each year, the festival seeks to create new and vibrant connections between the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the future.

Since its inception, George Town Festival has grown to become a unique platform for culture and the arts in Penang and Southeast Asia. By focusing on the core tenants of Collaboration, Community, Reinvention and Accessibility – combining George Town’s distinctive perspectives with an international outlook – the festival annually brings the best possible experience to hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors. Having earned international accolades for its impressive roster of worldwide performers, the festival is quickly becoming one of Asia’s must-see events.

George Town Festival 2015 will take place over the entire month of August.

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Youth Video Awards 2015

Join the Youth Video Awards.

Roadshow at TAR college, Penang on 9/7/15

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Featured video entry:  No.3 directed by Jerry Lee

Fruuze Frozen Yoghurt

51dedbbe4e1133230600010b-fruuze-frozen-yogurtFruuze Frozen Yoghurt is  located in All Seasons Place, Farlim. The yoghurt are really unique and different from others. It is made from using a recipe that surprisingly  only uses imported, premium ingredients that are brilliantly mixed  in a delightful blend. It been told that the yoghurt id rich with calcium and protein and packed with live and active cultures .Fruuze Frozen Yoghurt is a wonderful guilt-free dessert for all walks of life. Besides  it is  low in fat too. Both adults and children can enjoy it.


Fort Cornwallis

mainLocated in the Heritage Trail in the heart of Penang and a few  meters away from SEGi College Penang,  is a  fort that the British East India Company built in the late 1700s on the northeastern coast of Penang Island, Malaysia. is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis.The History of Fort Cornwallis started when when Sir Captain Francis Light from the British East India Company, first landed on the island with his crew in the year 1786. He was to take possession of the island from the Sultan of Kedah back then, to serve as a baser for the British company’s spice and silk trading route.Visitors who want to get more insight on the extensive history of the fort, trade agreements of British East India Company, initial developments of Penang islands can find more info on the history boards which are placed in the barracks which temporary serves as gallery to visitors now. Furthermore, archaeological findings  are also exhibited for visitors .Visitors would like to bring a memento back home, there is a kiosk in the fort which sells small souvenirs and  some light refreshments.