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Kaki Kaki Reflexology Penang

frontKaki-kaki Reflexology and Spa belongs to the Kaki-Kaki Group which is is a well-known brand in Malaysia reflexology line. Furthermore, it is one of the largest reflexology companies in Malaysia which has more than 60 branches around all the states in Malaysia and with thousands of masseurs working for them. Their Foot Massage costs about RM48 per person per hour and their Foot Cupping costs about RM38 per sessions. It a place to go after a hard days work for some relieve or just to relax.

Penang Famous Ice-Kacang & Cendol

teochewcendolstallAs the name describes, the one and only best Ice Kacang in Penang is definitely in Penang Road. Flavored syrup ice with other toppings of red bean and (creamy corn), with nutmeg. It the best way to quench a thirst in the Penang hot weather. It also can be eaten as a dessert after lunch. So if you ever pass by Penang Road, stop by and enjoy the dessert. It’s definitely worth your while.


The Best Pizza In The City

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