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Penang International Food Festival

The Penang International Food Festival was held recently from 13 – 28 April 2019. A series of events was held throughout the duration. Foodstalls selling Penang famous delicacies and must eat food such as char koay teow, sate, laksa, cendol and more were setup along Beach Street and its vicinity. Locals and tourist alike had an opportunity to taste a variety of food at the same place.

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Moodmojee Beverages by Anchor

Getting bored of the usual iced blended beverages? Wanna try something similar to cocktail but without alcohol? Check out the new icy-cool mood booster beverages crafted by Anchor Food Professionals using the natural and fresh goodness of Anchor’s dairy product.

Thai Menora Dance @ Siamese Village, Pulau Tikus

Heritage Hunt – Discover Pulau Tikus 2015


Heritage Hunt 2015 is a non-profit community event organised with the aim to:

1. Reverse neighbourhood decline

2. Highlight the heritage and culture of the place before it is lost or crowded out by development

3. Rekindle the community’s pride for their heritage and culture

4. Bring together local community groups and businesses for a common goal

5. Help independent local businesses (especially traditional businesses) to evolve and adapt to sharply increasing rental prices due to abolishment of Rent Control Act and assist them to compete with large shopping malls

6. Encourage neighbourhood spirit and walkability

George Town Festival 2015


George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Inaugurated in 2010 in honour of George Town’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the festival transforms the city into a global stage, showcasing world-class performances, installations and collaborations from international and local artists alike. With over one hundred intriguing events each year, the festival seeks to create new and vibrant connections between the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the future.

Since its inception, George Town Festival has grown to become a unique platform for culture and the arts in Penang and Southeast Asia. By focusing on the core tenants of Collaboration, Community, Reinvention and Accessibility – combining George Town’s distinctive perspectives with an international outlook – the festival annually brings the best possible experience to hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors. Having earned international accolades for its impressive roster of worldwide performers, the festival is quickly becoming one of Asia’s must-see events.

George Town Festival 2015 will take place over the entire month of August.

For information, visit